Dragon ECC 01

Flex Blue

When it comes to liquid wrapping Famous Performance can match your OEM color or you can choose from the hundreds or colors we carry.

It dose not matter if its Gloss, satin , matt or frosted we can do whatever color you want.

From solid colors to pearls, candy and others we got em.

Here are some color Examples:

Iceberg Blue

Avalanche Gray

Aozora Blue Black Base

We carry much more colors so please email us for inquiries.

Yas Marina Blue

Tampopo Yellow With Black Base

Stainless Steel 

Rainbow Green White Base

Carbon Silver Pearl

Cardinal Red OEM

Carbon Gold Pearl

Steel Blue

Orengeola Black Base

Antracite Gray

Brilliant Bronze

Tiff Blue Pearl

Underground Puinisher

24K Gold


Dark Ube Black Base

French Blue OEM


Concord Purple OEM

Carbon Blue Pearl


Egyptian Blue OEM

Carbon Bronze Pearl

Dark Gray

Sunshine Gold

24K Gold

Royal Gold Pearl

Kawafuji Black Base

Daikoku ECC

Aurum Dust Pearl

Terra Orange OEM

Dove Blue Pearl

Phantom Red


Swampland Green

Itsumad E Ultra Flake

Techno Purple

Prometheus Purple

Okinawa Sunset Red

Sahkir Red

Camo Brown


24K Gold

Racing Green OEM

Adamantium Pearl

ZTX Hyper Shift

Black Cherry

Summer Peach

Rose Cooper Pearl

Sandstone OEM

Pure Purple

ZTM Hyper Shift

Obsidian Black OEM

Polaris Flourescent

Ube Red Red Base

ZTL Hyper Shift

Zuti Indigo

ZTF Hyper Shift

ZTN Hyper Shift


Coral Green

Cali Purple

Topaz Blue OEM

Carbon Red Pearl

Okinawa Blue Black Base

Wu Tang Yellow

Radioactive Green

Mystic Green

Sparkling Graphite